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The overreach of government has led to a myriad of challenges within our district. It's clear that we need a shift towards more local control and a stronger voice for the people.  As your candidate, I am dedicated to confronting these issues head-on with a well-rounded strategy to address our community's concerns.

Housing & Development: The Massachusetts MBTA Communities Act jeopardizes our community's independence, potentially imposing unwanted changes. As your advocate, I'm committed to safeguarding our local interests and ensuring decisions affecting our community are aligned with our needs and desires. Having grappled with the complexities of the 40B system firsthand, I understand the challenges it poses to our communities. I will lead the charge for transparency and accountability in housing development, tackling the affordability crisis head-on. Together, we can create a housing environment that works for everyone, fostering transparency and empowering our community.

Responsible Immigration Policies: I'm committed to amending the “right-to-shelter” law and limiting taxpayer-funded benefits for those residing unlawfully in our country. With finite resources, it's imperative to address immigration in a manner that upholds fairness for citizens. The pressing strain on our resources, driven by unsustainable asylum laws, necessitates urgent action. Our priority must be to allocate taxpayer dollars towards vital needs such as education, safety, and infrastructure, ensuring the well-being of our citizens.

Education & Children's Issues: Our children's success in the global marketplace begins with a quality education. I advocate for smaller class sizes, more funding from Beacon Hill, and increased parental involvement to equip our children with the necessary tools to thrive. As a dedicated mother of three very different children, I understand the importance of tailored support for each child's unique needs. That's why I oppose rigid, one-size-fits-all approaches like Common Core and champion parental involvement in healthcare decisions. Let's ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential, shaping a brighter future for our community.

Economic Growth and Small Business Support: With so many people leaving Massachusetts because of the high cost of living, we must prioritize economic growth and opportunity. I will champion small businesses, cut burdensome regulations, and lower taxes to stimulate our economy and retain talent, (maybe even help attract talent!)


The other aspect of being a Representative is listening and responding to your problems, needs and requests.

You will be Priority #1 in my office.


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